**Please note that we are currently operating on an appointment only basis due to COVID 19.**

Due to lack of prints to run during the pandemic, we've had to limit the days/hours the printer is up and running to Mondays/Thursdays between 11 and 5. We are able to instantly print your passport photos then, but can easily accommodate passport appointments other days (after hours, weekends, etc...) and mail, deliver, or pick-up on the next print day. Use the "Instant Print" service for while you wait prints on a Thursday, or the "Standard Print" service for wider availability.

2 ways to book:
Book online now for both "Instant" and "Standard" services
Call the lab/email to schedule outside the online appointment availability

We shoot all types; not just passports, but also citizenship, green card, visa, and ID photos. We have a whole list of the specs for common types, but please bring any requirements you might have. We want to make sure it matches exactly! Also be sure to double-check the head size requirements... just because it states that the photo is a 2" x 2", there are types in which the size of the head varies. We never require an appointment, so come in any time. After taking your photo, sizing and printing will be about 20 minutes.

Many requirements are universal for most countries:

  • -Uniform, white or light background
  • -Head straight toward camera
  • -No hats of any kind (excepting religious head-coverings)
  • -No shadows behind head/ears
  • -Neutral facial expression - neither smiling nor frowning
  • -No glasses (USA), or if glasses allowed, no glare.


Standard US passport - $19.95 1st set of 2
  • -$11.95 additional sets of 2
All foreign/custom size - $39.95 1st set of 2
  • -$11.95 additional sets of 2

*Pricing subject to change at any time.

Helpful Links:

We are experts at the photography side, but your passport will still be issued by the country you are applying through. In the US, all applications are done through the State Dept. Many applications can be started online and submitted via the mail, but some must be submitted in person. The following links contain information pertaining to the application and renewal of the ones we most commonly print.

US State Department: Passports, Visas, etc.

Passport Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Again, if you have any specific requirements, please bring them in so we can make your photos exactly to specification!

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